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Most common problems with car remote keys.

Your remote may not be working due to some problems outlined below that need to be sorted out before you purchase replacement buttons :

Electronic switches had broken off their solder points.
They need to be re-soldered back into place where they popped off from.

Battery is running low or not working.
You can buy replacement batteries from any electronic shop i.e. Dick Smith and replace it. You have to follow your car owner’s manual instructions for battery replacement.

Electronic switches are clogged with residue from breaking down aged elastomers used for manufacturing of key buttons.
Please read Cleaning Switches Tips.

Worn, perished or lost key buttons.
Providing your remote key is working, place your order in our shopping cart and replace it following instructions provided on our site.

(This Instruction applies to all remotes unless otherwise noted under remotes image)

 1.  Remove old, worn through buttons accessing it from outside remote.
(DO NOT OPEN remote as some old shells are brittle and may break if forced open)
Hardened, old rubber buttons can be warmed up/softened with a hair dryer set on low heat for easier removal. This will make the rubber more pliable.

   Old buttons can be removed in one of the following ways:
  • By tearing out a hole in the middle of the button until most of the micro switch is exposed.
  • Or, cutting it out with a scalpel, stanley knife or side cutter to uncover switch (Be careful not to damage remote by cutting too much of the rubber).
 2.  Clean key shell from old rubber button remains

 3.  Press fit new silicone buttons right over bare switch. No gluing needed.
You may need a small flat screwdriver to push buttons in. If buttons don't fit properly, remove it, clean shell again and re-fit it.

 4.  Test your remote with the new buttons fitted in
Once replacement is finished, remote will work straight away without any need for re-programming.