If your remote key switches are not working properly and at times do not work at all you may need to give it good clean before installing our new Silicone Buttons.

What happens to switches in car remote key over period of time.

Remote buttons (rubbers) in most remotes are made from flexible plastic called elastomer.

Remote key buttons age due to:

deteriorating effects of temperatures, sunlight, ozone,contact with chemicals, fluids and oils commonly encountered in service such as Citric Acid, Detergent, Vegetable Oil, and Methanol

As they age material they are made of (with exception of LSR Silicone) breaks down and oily substance comes out clogging switches.

Your Remote key still works but buttons are becoming less responsive and work randomly. You keep on pressing harder and deeper and you eventually get it to work but not for long. In effect you may even break or split your buttons as deteriorated material is already weakened. Your Worn buttons get the blame for remote not working properly when in fact your switches were the main cause of the problem.

Please note that
Replacing Worn Buttons when your switches are not working will not fix the problem.

How to clean switches in car remote key.

To clean switches you would need Isopropyl alcohol (also known as Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropanol) which can be purchased in Australia from local chemist, dick smith or mitre 10. Approximate cost of 100 ml is $10. If Isopropanol is hard to get you can substitute it with tea tree oil.
  • Use wooden skewer or toothpick to dip it in Isopropanol
  • Place couple of drops on the top of switches in your remote key
  • Keep pressing switch a few times till it starts clicking
  • Wipe excess of alcohol of with cotton bud and repeat the same process
  • After couple of rounds of cleaning, your switches should unblock and become more responsive
  • Once cleaning process is finished you can fit in new Silicone Replacement Buttons
Please note that you MUST NOT
use any other solvents or compressed air as it may damage your switches